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PPC & Media Buying
When it comes to either running a contextual ads campaign or buying media,...
Geo-targeted SEO
We are masters at improving local SERPs for specific countries and languages! The...
Social Media Marketing
Working with the New Media promotional campaigns is the newest promo tool we...
SEO Strategy
Our team will help you achieve your SEO goals for your business, by...

Our History

Actually, when we’ve been just starting our agency up, we were a little concerned about it being limited just to Search Engines Optimization

While many agencies in the industry get paid just for nothing, we practice a different approach. Keeping the end results that you want us to achieve in mind, we’re always focused on getting there. That means – our fee depends on ROI, so we’re a party most interested in your success.

Recent SEO & Marketing News

SEO for Voice Search?
SEO for Voice Search?
Well, with the rise of the voice search across the devices, starting with the smartphones and tablets, there might be a possible change occurring…
Do Long-tail Keywords Matter?
Do Long-tail Keywords Matter?
Before going any further in explaining that, let us just state that they surely do. Actually, as multiple types of research show us, an average.
What is local SEO?
What is local SEO?
A local Search Engine Optimization is a concept for any multilanguage website (preferably an e-commerce one) for optimizing and increasing its rankings…